Executive Committee:

Bronson Corn – Roswell     President
Tom Paterson – Luna     President-Elect
Becky Spindle - Moriarty     Vice President at Large
Jeff Decker - Lovington     Southeast Vice President
Cliff Copeland – Nara Visa     Northeast Vice President
Roy Farr – Datil     Southwest Vice President
Dave Kenneke – Cimarron     Northwest Vice President
Shacey Sullivan – Albuquerque     Secretary/Treasurer
Randell Major - Magdalena     Past President
Loren Patterson - Corona     Past President


Finance Committee:
Chairman- Loren Patterson
All past presidents and NMCGA executive committee
Litigation Committee:
Chairman- Alisa Ogden
Vice Chairman- Jim Jackson
Howard Hutchinson
Tom Paterson
Bill Sauble
Phil Bidegain
Mike Casabonne
Nominating Committee:
Chairman- Tom Sidwell
Vice Chairman- Bronson Corn
all past presidents
Bylaws Committee:
Chairman- Alisa Ogden
Vice Chairman- Pat Boone
Vice Chairman - Kimberly Stone
Allied industries Committee:
Co-Chairman- Kristen Drake and Macey McDonald
Secretary- Marissa Diles
Resolutions Committee:
Chairman- Casey Spradley
Vice Chairman - Judy Wallin
Feeder Committee:
Chairman- Lance Vicente


Membership Recruitment Subcommittee:
Chairman- Heidi Humphries
Vice Chairman - Cheryl Knight
Cross Cultural Subcommittee:
Chairman- Marjorie Lantana
Vice Chairman- Boe Lopez
Young Cattlemen's Leadership Subcommittee:
Chairman- Dusti Caviness
Vice Chairman- Trent Bilberry
Vice Chairman - Barbara Corn

JR Subcommittee:
Chairman - Dusti Caviness
Vice Chairman -Trent Bilberry
Vice Chairman - Barbara Corn


Legislative Subcommittee:
Chairman- Bronson Corn
Co Vice Chairman- Cliff Copeland
Co Vice Chairman- Cole Gardner
Water Subcommittee:
Chairman- Anita Hand
Co Vice Chairman- Carlos Salazar
Co Vice Chairman- Casey Spradley
Wildlife Subcommittee:
Chairman- Tom Paterson 
Co Vice Chairman- Dave Kenneke
Co Vice Chairman- Wes Eaton
Energy, Oil & Gas Subcommittee:
Chairman- Irvin Boyd
Co-Vice Chairman- Bill King
Co-Vice Chair- Jim Bob Burnett
Private Lands Subcommittee:
Chairman- Kimberly Stone
Vice Chairman- Jeff Bilberry
Federal and Trust Land Subcommittee:
Chairman- John Richardson
Co-Vice Chairman- Elena Farr
Co-Vice Chairman- Colton Lee
Taxation & Special Issues Subcommittee
Chairman- Tamara Hurt
Vice chairman- Kenneth McKenzie
Theft & Health Subcommittee:
Chairman- Dustin Johnson
Vice Chairman- Dan Estrada
Promotion & Marketing Subcommittee:
Chairman- Amanda Culbertson
Vice Chairman
Research & Improvement Subcommittee:
Chairman- Jim Thorpe
Co-Vice Chairman- Sarah McKenzie
Co- Vice Chairman- Leigh Ann Marez